Why Radia?

Turn-around time, quality, low-cost, security, customer service and convenience; the Radia post-processing lab is able to offer you all of these things.  We will meet with you to assess your specific post-processing needs and design a post-processing solution which will allow your radiologists and technologists to focus on reading and scanning.


Turn-Around Time:

The post-processing lab provides real-time advanced 3-demensional images which can be used to help improve outcomes and allow providers to make more informed clinical and surgical decisions.  Our average 2015 turn-around times met or exceed industry standards for every exam type.


Quality Images:

Radia has invested significant amounts of time and money to ensure we have staff and technology available to provide high-quality 3D images.  Our team of sub-specialty trained radiologists and ARRT certified technologists have all had extensive training and experience and are constantly updating our protocols to make sure we are providing the best 3D images possible.  In addition to our highly skilled staff, we also are able to provide you access to our routing software and hardware.



We offer post-processing as a service, not a hardware and software sale, which offers you an economical and efficient way to provide 3D services. When you utilize the Radia post-processing lab there are no upfront capital costs to you and no ongoing maintenance costs. There are also no minimums, no long-term contracts and you only pay for what you use.


Customer Service:

The team at the Radia post-processing lab is available when you need them to answer questions, protocol exams, make recommendations and enhance images as needed. We will provide you with a 24/7/365 phone access line to ensure we can answer any questions about stat exams. Our dedicated team of radiologists and technologists are onsite and/or on-call so that we can be there when you most need us.



Before we begin any post-processing services, we will meet with you to assess what your specific needs are. The images we utilize are acquired at your site on your imaging equipment and sent electronically to our servers. Our team of specialty trained technologists and radiologists then utilize our software to create advanced clinical images which are then sent back electronically to your PACS. The images are then able to be read by the on-site radiologists. The radiologists on-site are able to concentrate on reading and the technologists are able to concentrate on scanning, we do all the rest.